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We have built one of the largest and fastest 3d-printers in the world. We call it THE BOX and it can build almost anything between the size of a pinball and a complete kitchen table. The bed area can fit details with a size of up to 1500×1100 mm with a maximum height of 1500 mm.

THE BOX uses FGF (Fused Granular Fabrication) and granulates to reduce material costs whilst giving a wider range of plastics to choose from. It enables for a large variety of extruder heads to give the user more control over the printing resolution.

THE BOX is our new product and our vision of what the future should look like.


Technical specifications

  • A build volume of 1500x1100x1500 mm
  • High quality linear motion modules from Rexroth
  • Interchangeable extruder heads for varying resolution
  • A granular extruder in the size of your choice, (standard 6kg/hour, 2-8mm nozzles can be used)
  • Heated build plate with the capability to print almost any thermoplastic upon
  • 15 Inch touch screen
  • Software: IndraWorks Operation and Simplify 3D
  • Water cooling system
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE certified Machine
  • Education in machine operation

Additional items that can be purchased to the machine:

  • Support and service agreement
  • Extra granular extruder
  • Material silo
  • Material handling system
  • Material dryer
  • Blackout protection
  • Modem/ip capabilities

Additional services that can be purchased:

  • Granular plastics and compounds to use in your machine
  • CAD support
  • Extra education
  • Material development
  • Automation solutions