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It is important to use the correct nozzle size and layer height when printing an object.

By using a larger nozzle you will get a faster and cheaper print which will also be stronger.

By using a smaller nozzle you will get a smother surface and more details.


What nozzle do I want?

When asking yourself what nozzle you want to print your object with there are some important questions you need to ask yourself;

What is the purpose of the product? Functionality, looks, or both?

Will all surfaces of the product be visible or only some areas?

Are there strict tolerances on the product? On which parts of the product do they apply?

On any part that needs aftertreatment it doesn’t matter which nozzle you chose as the aftertreatment will take the same amount of time, and in that case it is a good idea to use a large nozzle as it would then be cheaper to print and the end result will be the same.


Here you can see an example of using different nozzles for the same print, it goes from slow and costly to fast and cheap all the way until the nozzles becomes too big for printing the object.

As shown in the image above there is also a limit to how large nozzles you can use.

The maximum nozzle size to use for a print is determined by the smallest detail on the object that is to be printed, as a rule the nozzle size can never be bigger than half the size of the smallest detail.