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In the world’s largest 3D printer, THE BOX

Send your ideas to us via email or request a price estimate through 3D Hubs is an international hub for people to order all kinds of 3d-printed items from every corner of the world.

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Order a 3D Print with 3D Hubs

How it works

1. To be able to determine a price we need a 3d-file of what you would like to have printed, preferably in the STEP, STL or OBJ format. At this stage you could also tell us a bit about which surface finish you would like the model to have.

2. We use the 3d-file to calculate how much it would cost, how long it would take for us to produce it and the approximate weight of the printed result.

3. After the order is confirmed we deliver the finished model within 1-2 weeks, depending on your choice of size and surface finish.

Getting the BEST print

Not all applications require the best finish. Choose a finish that provides the best quality and price for your project.

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