Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex From a 3d scan of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex cranium, made by Makerbot, we printed a scale 1:1 model. The cranium weighs around 90kg and took approximately 23…

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Armchair Armchair designed and printed by BLB. The chair weighs 30 kg and takes 5 hours to print with a 6 mm nozzle. (13 hours with a 4 mm nozzle.)

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WOOD Printing

WOOD Printing BLB Industries AB, Sweden and Stora Enso are printing wood! Leading the way in additive manufacturing and fast printing technology, BLB Industries has 3D printed a stool from…

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Nordan AB – Custom Printer

Nordan AB – Custom Printer For Nordan AB we created a custom printer with the focus to print doors and windows. The machine have a print volume of 2500 x…

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Printed Jacob

Printed Jacob We Printed a full scale model of Jacob. The model was printed with a 4 mm nozzle and took 23 hours to print. The scanning was done by…

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